The 157 Group publishes thinkpiece on Pedagogic Leadership

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The 157 Group is today launching a new thinkpiece on Pedagogic leadership, in partnership with City & Guilds and Professors Bill Lucas and Guy Claxton from the Centre for Real World Learning and the University of Winchester. The publication aims to reflect current thinking about vocational pedagogy and offer new and innovative ways in which leaders can create cultures and practices for outstanding vocational learning.

Peter Roberts, chair of the 157 Group and chief executive of Leeds City College, said, “This publication follows a long record of previous thought leadership work that the 157 Group has produced on the leadership of vocational teaching and learning. Professors Lucas and Claxton have worked with us over the past year to build on their own theories of vocational pedagogy, expressed in the excellent How to teach vocational education, published last year.

“Vocational education is very much in the spotlight at the moment – and rightly so. We are pleased to have found partners in City & Guilds and the Centre for Real World Learning who share our passion as teachers and leaders for ensuring that learners and employers get the best possible experience. We intend this publication to be helpful to College leaders and practitioners, and to add to future debates to further improve approaches to vocational teaching and learning.”

Chris Jones, chief executive and director-general of City & Guilds, said, “Across the country there is a focus on high-quality vocational education which meets employers’ needs for a skilled workforce. To achieve this, it is critical that we continue to further our understanding of vocational pedagogy and how to create cultures that promote top-quality teaching and learning.”

“157 Group Colleges have embraced the complexities of vocational education with networks of research professionals, and are actively adopting new approaches to teaching and learning. Likewise, City & Guilds is applying principles from the vocational pedagogy research to our products and services. For example, we are redeveloping our TechBac® programme of study for 14-19 year olds; it reflects a new relationship between the acquisition of technical knowledge, how it is then taught and applied, and its relationship to the workplace. And the Centre for Real World Learning is leading the way in the theory behind all of our practice. We are a powerful combination.”

Professor Bill Lucas, one of the authors of the report, from the Centre for Real World Learning at the University of Winchester, said, “It is so important that we prepare learners for the lives they are going to lead beyond the College environment, including for successful careers. We were delighted to have the opportunity to advance our thinking with input from practitioners from across the 157 Group and the broader sector. We have produced a thinkpiece which we hope will stimulate challenging and ground breaking conversations and actions among leaders in the FE sector and beyond.”


Please download Pedagogic Leadership.